Snow Lion Homestay, Zuluk
Zuluk,  much of the modern history of the South West Silk Route​
Sikkim Old Silk Route with Zuluk Snow Lion in this Pujo vacation.
    The Old Silk Route or Silk Road which passes through East Sikkim is a part of the ancient network of trade routes which connected China to India. This route passed through Lhasa and Nathu La and Jelep La Pass and finally reached the port of Tamralipta (present Tamluk in West Bengal) from where it took to the sea and reached far east. This Ancient Silk Route is expected to have been discovered by traders as early as First Century AD.

    Much of the modern history of the South West Silk Route through Sikkim would remain unfinished without the mention of Sir Francis Edward Younghusband – the famous British Explorer and Army officer. In 1904, Major Francis Younghusband led a successful mission through Nathu La to capture Lhasa. He travelled through much of present North Sikkim and East Sikkim’s Silk Route corridor to enter Tibet with his troops.

    Located at a height of around 10,100 feet on the rugged terrain of the lower Himalayas in East Sikkim, Zuluk or Dzuluk is a small village beside a winding road. It was once a transit point to the historic Silk Route from Tibet to India. It is relatively an emerging and offbeat destination in East Sikkim. This small village accommodates a population of around 700 people. There is also an Indian Army base at Zuluk, which has been used as a transit camp for the army movement to the Chinese border, a few kilometres away.  It is the very first village within this whole Silk Route circuit to offer home-stay facilities for tourists. Zuluk itself does not offer views of the snow peaks but only 14 kms away the Thambi View Point offers a panoramic view of the entire Mt. Kanchenjungha range.

    Zuluk is a hilltop and a transit point within the Silk Route. The road through Zuluk makes almost 32 hairpin turns to reach Lungthung, which makes it a unique engineering feat. There is a local Nag Temple here. The temple has a cave like structure and the deity of King Cobra or Nag, famous Hindu mythical god is worshipped in the temple. Another great attraction of Zuluk lies in watching the sunrise over Mt. Kanchenjungha and its allied peaks from Thambi View Point (around 14 kms away) at 11,200 feet. The glittering rays of the rising sun kisses the snow clad peak of Mt. Kanchenjungha, which slowly turns crimson and then golden and finally silver. The spectacle is truly breathtaking. While staying at Zuluk you can cover Padamchen, Lungthung, Nathang, Kupup Lake, Tukla Valley and all other spots in the Silk Route circuit in day trips. Zuluk has high diversity of Himalayan fauna. The place shelters variety of birds like Monal Pheasant, Blood Pheasant, Khaleez Pheasant, Snow Pheasant and others.
    Zuluk Snow Lion is not only the the best..location and amenities n hospitality wise..but also it is a heritage property and one of the main attracction of zuluk itself. It served as 'Sarakhana' during the silk trading it changes itself..with the become the best homestay and most loved homestay of zuluk.
    Now we are getting a renovated more deluxe looks..with more rooms with more luxurious addition with a premium super deluxe cottage..on the cliff..which is undoubtedly the best stay of the whole silk route.

5 Nights /6 days Package: (Customized according to your date)
Day 1: Njp/Siliguri/Bagdogra to Sillerygaon
Day 2: Sillerygaon to Aritar
Day 3: Aritar to Zuluk Snow Lion
Day 4: Zuluk/-Zigzag Road - Thambi - Gnathang - Tukla Old Baba Mandir
            Kupup lake - Yak Golf Course - Zuluk Snow Lion
Day 5: Zuluk to Rishikhola/Yakten
Day 6: Rishikhola/Yakten to Njp/Siliguri/Bagdogra back

4 Nights /5 days Package: (Customized according to your date)
Day 1: Njp/Siliguri/Bagdogra to Sillerygaon/Aritar
Day 2: Sillerygaon/Aritar to Zuluk Snow Lion
Day 3: Zuluk/-Zigzag rd-Thambi-Gnathang-Tukla Old Baba Mandir
            Kupup lake-Yak Golf Course-Zuluk Snow Lion
Day 4: Zuluk to Rishikhola/Yakten
Day 5: Rishikhola/Yakten to Njp/Siliguri/Bagdogra back